1. The warranty covers any manufacturing defect of the product or any components used which are acknowledged to be defective by Linergy.
    During the warranty period the products can be replaced or repaired according to the unquestionable judgment of Linergy. Labour and materials are completely free of charge.
    The guarantee becomes null and void if the material has been tampered with or repaired by personnel not authorized by Linergy.

  2. The warranty does not apply in case of damage caused:
    - by failure to respect the assembly, maintenance and usage instructions
    - by atmospheric phenomenon, overvoltages or overcurrents due to causes that are external to the product
    - by damage occurring during the transport. Damage occurring during transport shall be acknowledged only if a written claim is made to the carrier when the material is picked-up and a copy of said claim is given to Linergy
    - damage caused by use that contradicts the technical and/or safety measures required in the country in which the products are utilized

  3. Any complaints regarding faults and/or functioning defects must be made within thirty days of their discovery or the warranty will become null and void. In the event of disputes relating to the quality and condition of the product, article 1513 of the Italian Civil Code shall apply.




  1. The products are guaranteed for 2 years from the purchase date of the ceiling light.

  2. The light sources and LEDs are guaranteed for 2 years.

  3. The fluorescent tubes are guaranteed for 6 months.

  4. The storage batteries already installed onto the luminaires are guaranteed for 4 years from the manufacturing date of the ceiling light. The storage batteries that are purchased as spare parts are guaranteed for 2 years from the manufacturing date on the condition that, what isprovided for by European regulations, is applied.

  5. The manufacturing date is reported on each individual luminaire via an identification code of the production batch.



  1. The guarantee on this equipment is for 2 years from the start-up date, proven by a document which Linergy must receive in writing.



  1. All the fixed-luminaire accessories are guaranteed for 2 years.

  2. All the accessories of the Spy System and Spy Center control units are guaranteed for 2 years from the start-up date.



  1. The 5-year warranty applies only to products that have the relative logo shown on the catalogue/site pages.

  2. The extension of the warranty to 5 years only concerns products not subjected to negligence, improper use, tampering, and/or repairs by third parties, as well as accidental damage such as lightening and/or over-voltage.

  3. The electronic components, subject to normal wear over time, are excluded from the warranty.