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New series of emergency luminaires with DALI standard protocol, manufactured in accordance with standard EN 62386 and compatible with all* DALI controllers.

With the advent of home automation in modern systems, lighting control plays an important role in ensuring safety, comfort and energy efficiency.
Currently there are several standards that allow the automatic adjustment of the system. These include DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), an international standard protocol compliant with standard EN 62386, which guarantees the interchangeability of ECGs from different manufacturers, simple installation and flexibility programming.

DALI is a standard system shared by the entire lighting industry.
The protocol, included in the standard of electronic ballasts EN 60929, is defined specifically by standard EN 62386.

The DALI protocol makes it possible to simultaneously operate the lighting controls, sensors, control units, electronic ballasts and lamps, including emergency lights, using the same interface (Master DALI)



DALI systems are installed using the same material of electrical installations, without shielded or polarised cable. The system is addressable, each component has its own unique ID number, so it can be programmed and configured for a specific function or be reconfigured at will as necessary, by changing the requirements.
Switch-on, adjustments, light scenes and functional measurements can all be managed for the individual product, groups or the entire system.



The biggest advantage offered by DALI in the context of an emergency is to have a single field bus to connect the ordinary lighting and emergency lighting.
This greatly simplifies the wiring of the system (bus) and the programming of the whole lighting system.
Connecting Linergy emergency luminaires to the DALI will automatically address them. The standard EN 62386-202 allows you to:

  • Check the status of the light source (lamp or LED module)
  • Check the battery
  • Perform or schedule functional and duration tests on the individual device, for groups or the entire system
  • Check the light intensity on appliances Only Light (L) and Permanently On (M)
  • Dimmer the light source according to a logarithmic curve for maximum user comfort


Here follows the luminaires available with DALI function

Prodigy Prodigy > Orion Orion >
Evolution Led Evolution Led > Lyra Evo Lyra Evo >
Cristal Evo Cristal Evo > Lexit Lexit >
Cristal Wall Cristal Wall >
Swing Swing >
Vialed Evo Vialed Evo >
Vialed High Vialed High >
Vialed Wall Vialed Wall >

Vialed Tube Vialed Tube >

Vip Led Vip Led >

* The DALI Master (or gateway) must support the protocol defined in standard EN 62386-202 – Self-contained emergency lighting (device type 1)

General data
  • Products compliant with european norms:
    EN 62386-101
    EN 62386-102
    EN 62386-202
    EN 62386-207
    EN 60598-1
    EN 60598-2-22