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Spy System is the most advanced system for the complete management, supervision and maintenance of an emergency system with self-contained luminaires.

  • New and more intuitive graphics
  • Virtual keypad on touch screen LCD
  • Possibility to update station software
  • Possibility to modify the appliance's serial numbers
  • Possibility to switch ON/OFF maintained luminaires *
  • Possibility to change the light intensity *
  • * Only on predisposed LED luminaires

    Test management allows to choose the test day and time for each of the 32 groups into which the system is divided. It was conceived to be easily integrated with modern building automation systems. In fact, it has an Ethernet port with TCP/IP protocol: the standard for all modern technological systems. The station is also equipped with a Web Server for access to all of its functions via internet, using a common browser.



    Spy System controls the efficiency of the emergency system in compliance with EN 50172 and UNI 11222. It signals and records any anomalies that the system displays by running two types of periodic tests on the connected emergency luminaires:

    1. Functional test
    The general functioning of the luminaire, and in particular the light source, are tested. A negative result indicates that the tube needs to be replaced.
    2. Duration test
    A shortage of electrical energy is simulated. The luminaire is lit via the internal battery until it is completely discharged. In this way, it is possible to measure the real autonomy of the emergency luminaire and compare it with nominal. The failure of this test indicates that the battery should be replaced.

    The station is set-up to carry out the functional test every 15 days and the duration test every 90 days. These frequencies can be varied to ones liking by operating on both the entire system and groups of luminaires.
    Even the parameters for the running of the test can be changed. For example, the 2-hour duration test can be arranged for a 3-hour duration luminaire if such duration is required for the specific application. In this way, it is possible to have a system that lasts longer over time.


    The station manages a complete event log on non-volatile memory. In addition to the test results, all the events that occur on the system, such as emergency interventions or any inhibitions, are memorized.
    The event log can be viewed on the display and printed on the built-in printer. By connecting to an on-site PC or remotely via the intranet/internet network, the event log can be accessed and copied onto the PC for subsequent elaborations.



    To connect with the Spy System station, whether it is PC linked to the station via local network or internet, no specific program is necessary. In fact, the station is equipped with a web server that allows access to all the functionalities. With the use of a common browser for Internet (for example, Chrome or Firefox), it works with all operating systems, Windows, Mac or Linux.
    Maximum flexibility and minimum cost.


    • Centralized supervision system of the emergency system   • Automatic luminaire acquisition
    • 7" colour display with graphic user interface and touch screen
      • Possibility of remote connection via modem
    • Built-in alphanumeric thermal printer
      • Internet port with TCP/IP protocol for intranet/internet connection
    • A maximum of 1280 luminaires are manageable with a single station
      • Built-in web server for system management via internet
    • 2 and 4-way repeater modules, it allows for the expansion of the luminaires connected to the station.
      • MODBUS
    • Data exchange with luminaires on two-wire data buses with safety protocol
      • KONNEX
    • Li FePO4 battery
      • System wireless interface
    • Non-volatile historic memory of the events and tests carried out on the system
      • Graphic supervision software, it allows the accurate view of the position of every luminaire, thus highlighting its status.
    • Complete programmability of the station's operating modes   • Device for sending custom programmable commands
    • Complete programmability of the times and days the tests are to be carried out
      • Power supply: 230 Vac 50-60 Hz
    • Management of 32 logical groups of luminaires
      • Models are available with 19' rack container and for DIN guide

    Some of the features described above are available as accessories and the central unit must be predisposed. Refer to the pages of each unit for details.

    General data
    • Control system for monitoring emergency lighting installations
    • System compliant to norms EN 50172 and UNI 11222