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Spy System Wireless is an advanced radio supervision system for emergency installations with self-contained luminaires.
Unlike the traditional Spy System, communication is made without wires through the creation of a network with mesh technology.

Spy System Wireless represents the wireless evolution of Linergy’s Spy System centralized control.

The frequency used by the radio device and the type of structure created by the mesh network make it easy to overcome normal environmental obstacles.
This allows the positioning of the devices at points which would be out of reach with bus cable.

Wireless technology is adaptable to all Spy System units, including Spy Micro.
The system is based on the same operating principle as normal control units, to which must be added a Wireless Repeater connected to the control unit via RS485 bus cable.



From the Wireless Repeater it is possible to choose between a wireless-only system or a mixed connection. This means that emergency luminaires connected via bus cable to the Spy System can coexist with emergency "wireless" luminaires.
In the case of extension of pre-existing Spy Systems, it will suffice to replace only the traditional repeater already present in most cases (or at most add it), with the Spy System Wireless version (SSW-REP2 or SSW-REP4)



  • SPY SYSTEM: 1280
  • SPY MINI: 98, 128, 170
  • SPY MICRO: 30



The emergency appliances equipped with wireless communication module will only require a 230 Vac power supply. The compatible ordering codes are all those with Spy System Wireless function.
In case of installation in critical radio coverage environments, correct radio communication can in any case be tested by means of MONITOR BUS function and then gradually continue with installation, exploiting the great advantage of being able to push to considerable distances inside enclosed environments.
Maximum indoor coverage (corridors, rooms with obstructions, etc.): ~ 20 meters (distance between two luminaires)
Maximum coverage in open spaces (sheds, open space offices etc.): ~ 100 meters (distance between two luminaires)



Spy System Wireless creates a wireless network of the MESH type. In a network of this type, each product operates as a repeater node (for the supervision signal from the central unit) to the other nodes (apparatus).
Each node of the network, i.e. each luminaire, is interconnected with the others. Operating in this way, inside a typical installation environment, it is possible to reach considerable distances from the central unit, exploiting the maximum range of coverage of each single node.
The system guarantees an easy and fast initial configuration thanks to the system’s self-learning capability.
Management over time is also easier than traditional system sbecause a Wireless Spy System permits self-generation in the event of failure of one or more luminaires. If the radio signal between two adjacent luminaire fails, the connection is re-established by the closest node between them.



Configuration is done during the test phase: the installer does not have to configure anything, but simply supply the luminiares. Self-acquisition of products takes place automatically as in the case of traditional units
In case of having to move luminaire X in place of luminaire Y (e.g. Cristal Evo in place of Lyra Evo) the network will auto-reconfigure itself automatically and the operation will be absolutely transparent for the installer.
Same features as a Spy System: identification of luminaires via serial/number already installed in the factory, possibility of assigning descriptions, creating groups, etc.



This is an accessory which restores mesh communication between Wireless Spy System products in critical environments where radio coverage may be compromised by certain factors such as thick walls or plasterboard structures.
The wireless repeater node (SSW-EXTENDER) therefore acts as a repeater between the wireless Repeater and the first luminaire of the system or between luminaires with radio coverage problems.

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General data
  • Compliant to RED Directive 2014/53/EU
  • Compliant to European standards: EN 300 220-2, EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3, EN 60950-1
  • Operating frequency: 868 MHz